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Four More Weeks of Jabba-the-Hut?


Thank you Wikipedia.

Three weeks ago, I put on 10-pounds of water weight.

Two weeks ago I had my last chemo treatment. Four days after that, side effects from the chemo put me in the hospital for three days–and I came home retaining even more water — a whopping total of 20-pounds.

I am doing a remarkable impression of Jabba-the-Hut. Or a beached whale.

I saw my Oncologist today. He says it’s probably going to take several WEEKS for the water to re-absorb so that I can pee it out. There are no drugs I can take to help with this. But if I can keep active it might help to move the water from my soft tissue to my bladder for elimination.

It’s not painful, just uncomfortable. And having that barrell of water around my torso and theighs makes walking a challenge sometimes.

But this is not going to stop me from moving on with my life! Like a gun-slinger, I’m giving this water target the narrow beady eye…..

…Anybody got a straight pin? Bring it on and we’ll water my flower beds!