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Some Photos of Tyler

Tyler got a little shirt for Christmas. Here are some photos of him modeling it. Is this a really cute dog, or what!?

The cute one

Look how cute he is in his new shirt!

How cute is this dog?

I can hardly stand it--he's just SO CUTE!!!

Tyler the cute boy

Look at that face! This is why we're starting clicker training on Saturday--he's so cute I can't control him!


Tyler and the Snow

I got a new camera for Christmas this year, and I’m trying to learn how to use it.

(It would help if I read the instructions, but for some reason I seem to think I can figure this out without them. I suspect I will be forced very soon to stick my nose in the booklet–it’s just that it’s soooooooo looooonnnnngggggg!)

We got snowed on yesterday and Tyler seems to have taken the snowfall in stride–“just another day sniffing around for stuff to eat that he shouldn’t.”

Notice all the snow around his muzzle.

The usual posture: PLAYBOW!!!

The great fluffy hunter in search of leaves and mulch to chew on.

"I just KNOW there's a tasty, moldy leaf under all this white stuff! If I can just push my nose down far enough through it..."

As I post these photos, I can hear a rustling out in the living room. Guess who is back up on top of the coffee table…