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My New Playlist

I was doing some “deep cleaning” in my bedroom today (re-arranging a closet and liberating the dust bunnies to a better life in the trash) while I listened to a shuffle of Rock & Roll on my laptop when I realized that I have a lot of music that is animal-oriented. Either the song is about a dog or it mentions a cat or there’s a horseback ride or the title includes an animal.

It was a perfectly good excuse to stop working and create a play list of animal tunes.

After a couple of hours combing through my music library, here’s what I’ve come up with:


 Some of my favorite songs are in this group. Skylark, sung by Bette Midler, was one of my earliest exposures to what’s been called “American Popular Song.” A list like this MUST include The Lion Sleeps Tonight and Who Let The Dogs Out. I re-discovered a song that I’ve always got a giggle from, Gonna Buy Me a Dog–does anybody remember The Monkees on Saturday morning TV? And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way Bobby McFerrin revamps The Pink Panther.

But I think my all-time favorite in this list is the version of White Rabbit that Gillian Welch did live on Fresh Air. The guitar is absolutely haunting, and (for me) it’ a much more visceral vision than the tamer original done by Grace Slick. As J-Lo says, “It gives me goosies!”


 I published my play list on iTunes, and for $28.35 you too can focus on the fur babies instead of getting more important household chores done.

But I know my play list is incomplete. So tell me, what animal-oriented tunes am I missing?