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How Many Tags are Too Much?

2-18-12 1Tyler weighs 8 pounds. Currently on his “necklace” he has

  • His license to be a dog.
  • His rabies tag.
  • A tag from Small Paws Rescue with an 800 number to call if someone finds him wondering around unaccompanied by an adult human.
  • A tag with my name, address and phone numbers (home and cell) in case someone finds him wondering around unaccompanied by an adult human.
  • A tag indicating that he’s microchipped–which is blue plastic and something of a pacifier for him because he likes to grab it between his teeth and chew.

I think all the tags on his collar weigh nearly as much as he does. And I’m not certain if he really needs to wear all these tags.2-18-12 2

I love that Small Paws has an 800 number and a reward offer on their tag, but is it possible that someone might be confused as to whether to call my number (the tag with my name also says “reward”) or the Small Paws number?

Does the blue plastic microchip tag really add value? There isn’t a chip number on it, and he’s chewed it so much you can barely read the name of the chip company. I ordered a tag from the company–it’s a beautiful silver chrome, but it weighs nearly as much as the rest of his tags! I ended up putting it on my own key chain.

And the rabies tag—is it really important that he wear that on his collar? I’m not sure it is. For that matter, does he really need to wear the dog license? If he gets lost, won’t the tag with my name and the tag with Small Paws’ name on it be enough to get him home?2-18-12 3

I know that the tags bother him sometimes, because he scratches. In fact, he scratches so much that I’m probably going to have to replace the pretty collar I got for him at the dog show in December–it’s starting to look worn.

2-18-12 4So here’s what I’m going to try: I purchased a little ID tube. I’m going to put his license number, his rabies number (and our vet’s number), his microchip number, and the Small Paws phone number on a piece of paper and put it into the tube. Then I’ll put the tube and the tag that has my information on it on his collar and the rest of the tags in a drawer.

Do you have any better suggestions? What do you do about tags?