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The Latest Cancer Report and the Raindog Parade!

The holidays are making me nuts! So much going on, so little time to blog it. Gonna try and catch up a little this week on all the stuff that’s happened recently.

First, last Wednesday was Bailey’s one year anniversary for her cancer surgery. STILL NO CANCER SHOWING!! That is by far the very best Christmas present I’ve ever received!

And talk about little stinkers….we had a big Christmas party yesterday, potluck, lotsa food, lotsa sweets, lotsa people. At one point, Bailey got up on my lap and I swear, I could smell chocolate. Hmmm. OK. Next thing I know, a bunch of people are yelling “she’s got the fudge! She’s got the fudge!” and little Miss Bailey had raided someone’s gift bag and was gobbling someone’s home-made fudge!

Great. So now I gotta think of a way to make her vomit up the fudge because chocolate is bad–can be poisonous–for dogs. Turns out she only got 2 pieces, so I was breathing a little easier. But then, she started to make those noises–you know–that nasty, rolfing kinda vomit noise. Yes. My pooch was very cooperative and puked up the offending fudge without any urging from me. And, can we talk massive!? It was an enormous mass of brown chocolatey gunk. Not only was it the fudge, but Miss Thing apparently also got into someone’s chocolate cake, too!

So she had more bad food then I realized (and generally I watch her like a hawk). After the vomits she was pretty subdued. Poor pooch went to her bed for a lay-down (just like a collage frat boy after binge drinking!). And I was left with a chocolate mess on my bedroom carpet.

Not that I minded that much–would rather have it on my bedroom carpet then still in Bailey making her even sicker. And I have a really great stain remover that I use on my carpet:

1/2 cup peroxide
1 teaspoon of ammonia

I keep it mixed up in a spritzer bottle. All I had to do was spritz it on, and towel it off and all the staining disappeared!

And Bailey, though embarrassed at the mess she made, recovered from her upset tummy enough to eat her supper and then play a big game of chase-the-kibble (I toss a piece of dry dog food, she runs after it and eats it).

Also this weekend was the Raindog Parade in Cincinnati. A buddy of mine shot a video and posted it to YouTube–I could not resist sharing: