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Tyler Gets His 15 Minutes

While I wrap up the final numbers for how much money was raised for the March Online Bichon Bash, I had to share this little bit of fame with you: Tyler appears in this week’s Bloomsberg BusinessWeek Magazine.

I don’t really mind that they give P&G all the credit for coming up with My Fire Hydrant (my blog) and Tyler–that’s just reporters editing the facts to suit their needs, and I had my 15 minutes a few years ago with The Wall Street Journal. But I wish they would have added in the URL.

Of course, Tyler is the cutest thing that the business world could ever hope to seen, and he’s in a typical Tyler pose!

4-3-12 tyler


Is he cute or what??!


Help Petfinder Adopt the Internet!

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day 2011 logoYou may have noticed that every day this month, I am featuring adoptable Bichons and Bichon Blends who are fostered by Small Paws Rescue.

Small Paws is a community of foster families spread across the country where Small Paws Fluffs are housed until their forever family is found. There is no “brick-and-mortar” facility like your local humane society or SPCA. But you can still view all the Small Paws Fluffs available for adoption. The Small Paws “adoption center” is located online at Petfinder.com.

This month, Petfinder celebrates 15 years of service to pet adoption! Since 1996, Petfinder has helped more than 17 million pets find homes! Now that’s something to celebrate!

On Tuesday March 15, I’m going to help Petfinder ADOPT THE INTERNETand you can too! Here’s what I’m going to do:

On this blog:

  • I’ve already added a badge on the right side of my blog to show my support.
  • On Tuesday, I will be posting an article about what pet adoption means to me.

On my Facebook Page:

  • On Tuesday I’ll be changing my Facebook profile photo to an adoptable pet from Petfinder for the day.
  • I will post a special message of support for Petfinder on my wall.

I’m taking over the Iams Facebook Page: (I have admin rights on the Iams Facebook account.)

  • I’ll be changing the Iams Facebook profile to the “Adopt the Internet Day” logo
  • And I’ll be encouraging all of the over 165,000 Iams Facebook fans to change their profile photos too!

On Twitter:

  • I’m going to tweet about it on Monday and Tuesday and use the hash tag #adopttheinternet

So, is pet adoption important to you? What are you going to do to celebrate and support Petfinder on it’s 15th birthday?



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A New Profile Photo

Fluffy Tyler!

Fluffy Tyler!

Today marks six weeks that Tyler has been in his new home. It also marks his first visit to Aunt Tracy, our groomer par excellence. Not that she could do much more than even up the bad haircut he got when the dogtor treated him for parvo. But she did the best she could with what she had to work with, and I must say that Tyler is looking very handsome and fluffy today!

I haven’t been in a hurry to change my profile photo from Bailey to Tyler, but maybe it’s time. I think Bailey would be pleased with the way Tyler is running me ragged with his demands, and it seems right to start including him in my online life.

So today we took some photos:


Tyler & Bev--our new profile photo!

I have updated my “About Me” page and you’ll now see the new profile photo of me and the new little man in my life.

This is really such a small thing, and yet it feels like I’m making such an enormous change in my life. I’ll never forget Bailey. But this silly little change of profile photo is a new indication that my sweet girl is gone and will not be back. Another step in that whole “stages of grief” thing, I guess.

Maybe I’ll go cuddle Tyler for a while.

Be the Change!

Last weekend I attended the first-ever BlogPawspet blogger conference. I thought I was going to meet some friends (old and new) and learn more about blogging (SEO? FTC?). Turns out I was inducted into a tribe of do-gooders intent on helping each other and every homeless pet they could find.

The most impressive session I attended, the one that resonated with me the most was called “Be the Change You Want To See.” The panel was made up of some of the rock stars of the social media pet world. Moderator Jane Harrell (a rock star in her own right with PetFinder) led Dorian Wagner (YourDaily Cute), Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, (Pawcurious), and Lynn Haigh (the queen of the Pawpawty) to inspire all of us to look inside and figure out what we can do as individuals to help change our world for the better–specifically, our pet world. (Be sure to check out my video interview of Lynn posted just before this post–she’s incredible!)

Their philosophy is that if we all band together, bringing our individual talents to the table, we can achieve huge results. And when it comes to $$$ donations, if we all give just a little bit, together it makes a huge amount.

We’re launching this movement today, with a Be the Changeblog post day. Across the blogosphere, pet bloggers are talking today about how they will be the change.

On April 21, the BlogPawty is on Twitter! We’re raising money for Pets without Parents, a shelter in Columbus, Ohio picked by the group. Please notice the First Giving widget in this post, and consider giving a couple of dollars to help this effort (remember, a little bit grows into a huge amount if we all give). Be the change!

Here’s my list of what I’m going to do to be the change. It’s not complete. But it’s a start.

~ I will continue to hold an annual, month-long fundraiser during the month of March in memory of Bailey to raise money for rescue–most likely for Small Paws. This past March, Caroline Golan (Romeo the Cat) and I raised $2,400.oo for Small Paws Rescue–my favorite Bichon rescue organization.

~ I will make contributions to FrugalDougal’s pawpawties and Romeo’s monthly fundraiser from now on, and I will do it right after I load their First Giving widget onto my blog each month.

~ I will look for more ways that I can blog and tweet to bring awareness to homeless pets.

~ I will continue to contribute to my local shelters–both money and food.

~ I will be the change, and I’ll find ways to encourage others to be the change.

What about you? What will you do to be the change?

Click the comments button. Make your list.

Lynn Haigh, Queen of the Pawpawty, at BlogPaws 2010

First let me say, Lynn Haigh is charming. Whether she’s bemoaning the fact that she got to Columbus long before her luggage, or telling a room full of people to Be The Change (more about that soon), she is a wonderfully charming woman. With an accent that adds music to her speech (at least to my jaded Yankee ears). And did I mention she’s also rather witty?

I know. I’m gushing. Can’t help it. I get star-struck, and Lynn is most definitely a star of  pet-oriented social media. Frankly, she’s brilliant. And did I mention charming?

I really enjoyed putting this video together–in spite of the problems I had with Windows Movie Maker–because I enjoyed listening to Lynn talk. If you’re interested in the (brief) history of the pawpawty, and how Twitter can be an incredible fundraising tool, you will enjoy it too. And maybe learn something!

Chow Hound Husky Puppies

I came across a blog post that made me smile the other day–Chow Hounds on The Daily Dog Blog. Some really sweet photos and a very funny video reminded me about that whole “life goes on” thing. The Husky puppies at the Lazy Husky Ranch love their food–especially on their face and paws!

I took some time today to read back through the January posts from the time the puppies were born. More beautiful photos. And Shannon (the writer) shows such a love for her dogs and the puppies. The Lazy Husky Ranch must be a very happy place with so much love being shared.

Shannon and I share that love for our dogs.

One sweet puppy, Lucy, almost didn’t make it. The runt, her sibs often pushed her out of the way when it came to nursing from mom. But Shannon refused to give up on her. She gave Lucy extra care, keeping her warm, using an eyedropper to give her extra nourishment. Lucy and Bailey each turned their corners at around the same time.  Lucy is now a lovey, chubby pup. Bailey is gone.

Shannon and I both feel the same about puppy breath (nothing sweeter!), but we disagree regarding snow. I guess as a musher it makes sense that she would like snow. Bailey never liked snow, so I never liked it either. And now, perversely, I wish our snow had not melted–her paw prints were all over our patio and the small, fenced-in yard. Now they’re gone. My girl is gone.

Ugh! I continue to work through my grief. It’s been 2 weeks which is at once an eternity and yet no time at all. Friends and loved ones continue to send me cards and kind thoughts. I am surrounded by people who care about me and who loved Bailey and even though I’m not very good company right now, I so appreciate everyone’s kindness. I miss my girl so much, but I am so thankful that there are puppies in the world.