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Happy Birthday Bailey!

Bailey was born on March 11, 1996.

We did this birthday video last year. I think, in my heart, I suspected it would be the last time we celebrated Bailey’s birthday. I have very fond memories of the day we shot this. It’s pretty silly.

In memory of Bailey, join our online Bichon Bash by clicking and donating to Small Paws Rescue. No donation is too small, and every donation will make a difference in a dog’s life.

We’re In the News!

The best article is about our buddy Romeo the Cat. The Orlando Sentinel has published a little story about Romeo, and his mom Caroline, and their fund raising efforts on Twitter. In just a couple of months, they’ve raised over $5,000 for different animal rescue groups! Way to go Romeo!!!

Bailey’s birthday party got a very small mention in an article about online parties. They got the most important thing right: My dog means everything to me.

Thank You for a Lovely Birthday!

3-12-09BaileyBailey and I are both exhausted! We had such a glorious day yesterday–between the Fire Hydrant and Dogster and Twitter–we were bopping back-and-forth all day and into the evening.

We want to send many thanks and great appreciation out to our friends over at Dog Show Poop, 4 the Love of Animals, Romeo the Cat, The Poodle (and Dog) Blog, Salinger and “Multum in Parvo”. Also, all our Small Paws buddies<, our new friends on Twitter, and all our old and new friends at Dogster. And of course all of the rest of you who stopped by and left a comment (or simply watched the video)! We hope we brought a little giggle and a warm-and-fuzzy into your day!

Bailey says that even though her birthday is over, we still want to celebrate what people do to help their local shelters and rescues. So, if you have a story to tell us, come on over here to the Fire Hydrant and let us know what you’re doing to support the wonderful people and organizations who help orphaned pets. KEEP THE CELEBRATION GOING!!

Happy Birthday Bailey!


Today is Bailey’s Birthday. She’s 13 years old! We’ve made a birthday video–so let’s party! Before you watch the video, make sure you’ve got your party hats ready and your singing voice all warmed up!

Bailey invites you to leave a comment to let her know how you’re helping your local shelter or rescue. And, if you would like a party favor, please download one of Bailey’s Birthday posters (below) to use on your blog or site to let everyone know you celebrated with Bailey today!3-11-09BB1




Thanks for coming to our online celebration!!

[For today, in order to keep the Celebration at the top of the page, I will be editing the post to add any additional celebration items below. These edits will be posted in newest to oldest order.]

(2:15 PM EST) Our mailbox is so full, I nearly missed this photo from Salinger!

(10:00 AM EST) Dogster has made Bailey DOG OF THE DAY!

(7:10 AM EST) Just received a photo of one of our party-goers! Here’s Marti and Nicholas in their party hats!3-11-09BB5

This Month in Dog Fancy

Bailey’s Birthday is on Wednesday! Will you attend?

3-9-09 Dog FancyWe had a busy weekend getting ready for the big day on Wednesday.

Bailey had a “spa” appointment on Saturday, as well as an appointment with her favorite dogtor, Dr. Blakelock. Bailey’s cancer has not returned–WOO HOO!

While Bailey was at the “spa,” I made a run to Petsmart to pick up some food I plan to take to the Humane Society of Greater Dayton either today or tomorrow. While I was there, I found the
March issue of DogFancy magazine with–of all things!–a BICHON on the front cover! Now how appropriate is that!? The March issue, and it’s Bailey’s birthday. It’s like the people at DogFancy knew! They were totally talking about Bailey when they said: “A Bichon will sit under your des, sit on your lap, wait for you outside the shower door, and follow you everywhere.”

Yesterday, several friends came over to my house and we made a Birthday Video which I will post on Wednesday. We had a great time–I wish Bailey would have enjoyed it more! She has gotten almost curmudgeonly (a crusty irascible cantanderous old person full of stubborn ideas) when it comes to inturrupting her daily routine. She normally goes nuts when I open a can of her food, but because she was “forced” to wear her party ruff she refused to get excited. She gave the impression that our singing of Happy Birthday was annoying (OK, so we’re NOT professional singers!). And to top it off, she went AWOL by retiring to her bed in the middle of the party. Such a fussy pooch! Well, I guess if I live to be 91 (Bailey’s age in dog years) I’ll probably be a curmudgeon too!

BTW–if anyone is interested, the adoption event over on PetSide is over with ALL 15 special needs pets adopted!!

Bailey Makes a Contribution!

Personally, my favorite rescue group is Small Paws Rescue out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s a Bichon rescue group.

For Bailey’s Birthday, I’m encouraging people to give to their local shelter or rescue (and I will be making a contribution to our local humane society) but as an extra “present” to Bailey, I wanted to make a contribution to Small Paws.

Small Paws takes in any and all Bichons who need rescue: Bichon puppies, old Bichons, sick Bichons, healthy Bichons, mix-breed Bichons…They will even help dogs who may have only had a passing acquaintanceship with a Bichon. Once a Bichon enters Small Paws rescue, they are cleaned, vetted, petted, and loved. Small Paws volunteers foster them until forever homes are found.

Since it’s start in 1998, Small Paws has found loving homes for over 7,000 Bichons!

I’m sending a donation to Small Paws today with a challenge for Small Paws members–come to Bailey’s birthday celebration on Wednesday and I’ll send in another check!