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A Remembrance Day

I’ve reached the point where the memories are warm and fuzzy and don’t hurt as much as they did a couple years ago. I think some of that healing has to do with Tyler, my little man. I think Bailey must have arranged for Tyler to find me.

I remember my sweet girl Bailey with a smile and maybe a little bit of a misty eye. But the pain of her loss has gone numb. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, or indicates that I love her any less. I think it’s an acceptance of reality. We all have to move on, right? Even so, I know that on this one day, January 15th, she will come to my mind and I’ll remember her. Sweet girl. Rest in peace.



Small Paws Sunday: A Wrap Up!

Happy Easter everyone! Or Happy Springtime if you prefer!

Bailey would have been very pleased with what we have accomplished for Small Paws Rescue this past month. Like all of those Hollywood awards ceremonies, I have a list of people I would like to thank for their contributions.

FURPOWER RomeoFirst and foremost is our good friend Romeo. Thank you Romeo, Puglsey, and all the staff for making Small Paws your March fundraiser. I love you guys!

A really huge THANK YOU must also go out to the company I work for P&G Pet Care. I found out on March 31 that my company will be sending a check to Small Paws for $1,000 in memory of Bailey!! I love you guys, too!

I also want to thank Romeo’s fundraising sponsors, Wellness and Feline Pine for their generous donations. And a big thanks to Romeo’s staff, who sell really cool Rescue Mom and Rescue Dad magnets!

This is Tuffy and Lil Joe--a bonded pair so you get 2 for the price of 1!

Tuffy and Lil Joe--ADOPTED!

Next, I want to thank the following people who went to Romeo’s site and made a contribution:

Kim, Bunny Jean Cook, Christina Capadona-Schmitz, inezmj, Sanjee and Georgey, Jacky O, lyzzal, Gracie & Bob Canedo, Skeezix the Cat, James D. Wood, Mac’s Mom, Di & Howie Siegel, DaisyMae Maus & the Feline Americans, KaBooM, Lesley, Yvonne Ostby, Aunt Colleen and Zeus, Mandy Kelley, Ginger Geronimo, Rena (The Pet Wiki), Sue, Chris, Shelley, Amy, Julie, Jen, Marti, Cathy, Kim, Em

 Your generosity and kind words are greatly appreciated! 

Mr. B and Mugsy are a father and son pair. Mr B is a Bichon/poodle mix and his son is Bichon/poodle/Jack Russell Terrier mix. Mr B is very playful and loves people. He loves to run around the fenced yard with Mugsy. Mugsy is a cuddle bear and he loves to sleep next to you in your bed.

Mr. B and Mugsy--ADOPTED!!

I also want to thank the bloggers and tweeters out there who helped us spread the word. I tried to keep track of who was posting what during the month of March, but I know this list is incomplete:

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog, Dog Show Poop, The Cat’s Meow,  DaisyMaeMause and the Feline Americans, Petside, The Fantail, Dogs and Dames, @TeenysFriends, @ThePetWiki, @FrugalDougal, @1SassyChick

Together, we raised over $2,400 for Small Paws Rescue.

Thank you all very much!

Happy Birthday Bailey!

Bailey was born on March 11, 1996.

We did this birthday video last year. I think, in my heart, I suspected it would be the last time we celebrated Bailey’s birthday. I have very fond memories of the day we shot this. It’s pretty silly.

In memory of Bailey, join our online Bichon Bash by clicking and donating to Small Paws Rescue. No donation is too small, and every donation will make a difference in a dog’s life.

In Memory of Bailey…

3-BaileyBadge33-1-10 FURPOWERRomeo-150x150

Though Bailey was not a rescue Bichon, Small Paws Rescue has long held a special place in our hearts. I am deeply moved and greatly appreciate that Romeo the Cat and his staff are devoting their March FURPOWER Fundraiser to Small Paws, as a memorial to Bailey!


On January 15 my sweet girl Bailey was gently put to sleep. She was 13 years and 10 months old. Last year, we celebrated her birthday the entire month of March by asking people to do good things for their local shelters–whether it was donate money or time or goods.

This year, I’ve asked my friends Caroline and Romeo if they would help me raise some money for Small Paws Rescue as a memorial to my girl. Romeo is an excellent fundraiser for animal rescue, and his staff (Caroline) is a wonderful person who believes in Romeo’s goals of raising money to help other furry friends.

The Mission of Small Paws “is to rescue and supply Bichons Frise or Bichon mixes, nationwide, regardless of age or medical condition, with love, shelter, food, human companionship, medical care, and spay-
neuter services through local veterinarians until permanent placement is secured into a prescreened loving home.” I have been a part of this group for many years and they are incredible! They don’t give up! They move mountains in their efforts to match orphan Bichons with furever homes. Frankly, if a dog looks remotely like a Bichon, if a dog has had a passing acquaintanceship with a Bichon, they will help!

Furpower is Romeo the Cat’s fundraising program. Each month, Romeo and company selects a new animal charity for their monthly fundraiser. For March, it’s Small Paws Rescue!

For me, I wanted to do something constructive and meaningful to help me find my way through the sadness I feel in the loss of my little pooch. For you, there’s a tax write-off and the satisfaction of doing something to help an incredible and deserving rescue group that has really made a difference in the lives of their “clients.” $1 or $100–it doesn’t matter how much because every little bit helps.

Come party with us! Visit My Fire Hydrant and Romeo the Cat all month long for celebration treats! Drop what you can spare in our donation bucket. You don’t have to be a little fluffy white dog to participate–though if you want to dress like one we promise not to give you funny looks.

Chow Hound Husky Puppies

I came across a blog post that made me smile the other day–Chow Hounds on The Daily Dog Blog. Some really sweet photos and a very funny video reminded me about that whole “life goes on” thing. The Husky puppies at the Lazy Husky Ranch love their food–especially on their face and paws!

I took some time today to read back through the January posts from the time the puppies were born. More beautiful photos. And Shannon (the writer) shows such a love for her dogs and the puppies. The Lazy Husky Ranch must be a very happy place with so much love being shared.

Shannon and I share that love for our dogs.

One sweet puppy, Lucy, almost didn’t make it. The runt, her sibs often pushed her out of the way when it came to nursing from mom. But Shannon refused to give up on her. She gave Lucy extra care, keeping her warm, using an eyedropper to give her extra nourishment. Lucy and Bailey each turned their corners at around the same time.  Lucy is now a lovey, chubby pup. Bailey is gone.

Shannon and I both feel the same about puppy breath (nothing sweeter!), but we disagree regarding snow. I guess as a musher it makes sense that she would like snow. Bailey never liked snow, so I never liked it either. And now, perversely, I wish our snow had not melted–her paw prints were all over our patio and the small, fenced-in yard. Now they’re gone. My girl is gone.

Ugh! I continue to work through my grief. It’s been 2 weeks which is at once an eternity and yet no time at all. Friends and loved ones continue to send me cards and kind thoughts. I am surrounded by people who care about me and who loved Bailey and even though I’m not very good company right now, I so appreciate everyone’s kindness. I miss my girl so much, but I am so thankful that there are puppies in the world.