Who is Flat Tyler?

About Flat Tyler 1In 2009, I met an amazing blogger named Karen. She traveled with her cat, Skeezix. Skeezix lived in her shoulder bag. Skeezix was flat. For me, this was the beginning of my flat pet obsession.


I ended up with so many silly photos that just didn’t look right on PetCareBev.com that in 2010 I purchased a new domain and set up a photo blog. My Flat Pet was born. I worked hard at it for a couple of years, but it never really took off. Let’s be real here: these are goofy photos that will appeal to a very small niche audience and it doesn’t take very long to look at them / chuckle / and move on so the bounce rate on the site was brutal.

As I evolve into Bev The Boomer, it made sense to me to bring all of My Flat Pet to the Boomer blog.

Meet Flat Tyler.

He is the “doggleganger ” of Fluffy Tyler. In his words:

“Fluffy Tyler doesn’t like me and it annoys him when I turn up–so I turn up whenever I can. I take great joy out of being annoying.”

About Flat Tyler 2“I like to travel, go out to eat, make friends, and have fun. I live with a wack job who is manic about taking photos of me. It’s a burden, but I do the best I can to appear cool and unfluffered when the photo sessions start.”

About Flat Tyler 3“If you like any of my photos, if they give you a giggle, or start you smiling, please consider making a donation to my favorite Bichon rescue group, Small Paws. I would not exist without Small Paws Rescue. The more money I can generate for Small Paws, the more orphaned Bichons will find furever homes.”
Click to donate to Small Paws Rescue.

DIY Flat Pet

Flat Tyler’s posts

4/2/2014: Referenced below in the comments is a video (done by our pal, Dr. V of Pawcurious) where Flat Tyler allows himself to be bowled down by a bowling ball in order to get $$ for shelter pets. He is the bravest of flat pets! Video here.

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