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[Updated May 1, 2015]

Bailey blogsMy first career was in opera as a Stage Manager. I was lucky to work for several wonderful regional opera companies: The Skylight Comic Opera (Milwaukee); The Virginia Opera; the Washington Opera (DC); Texas Opera Theater (part of Houston Grand Opera); Central City Opera; The Chautauqua Opera (NY); NYC Opera.

My second career has been in the pet food business, specifically P&G Pet Care and Mars, Inc. I was part of The Iams Company before it was acquired by P&G in 1999. I left this industry in 2015.

The advantage of pet food over opera is that I’ve been able to settle down in one city and begin again to enjoyBev and Bailey my life in the company of dogs. The first dog in my adult life was Bailey–my first Fluff–who came to live with me just after I started with Iams/Eukanuba. She took part in every workday, and she has been a big part of my identity on the Internet. My sweet Bailey very gently went to her final rest on January 15, 2010. I still miss her, and at odd moments her memory will ambush me and I’ll find tears in my eyes. This can be a little embarrassing when I’m in a crowded room.

I first met Tyler–my second Fluff–in a newsletter I get from Small Paws Rescue. He was found on the side of the road, 8-weeks old, starving and sick with parvo. Small Paws pulled him from the shelter, and placed him with a vet clinic where he could recover. As successive newsletters detailed his fight to live, he very stealthily moved into a corner of my heart, and through a series of coincidences I knew he was destined to be my littBev and Tylerle man.  On the way home from a business trip to San Francisco, I stopped off in Phoenix to invite him to come and live with me. Every day I am more charmed at the resilience of this little fluffy dog who got such a harsh start in life but who has become the heart of our home. I think Bailey must have nudged him my way.

And so my life is spent meeting the demands of my job, my family, and Tyler  — not necessarily in that order.

Welcome to the 3rd version of this blog. I started on Blogger (AKA BlogSpot) in 2005 as My Fire Hydrant. After my employer took a greater interest in my blogging, I moved to WordPress and a purchased domain name, PetCareBev.com. I started a migration to Fluff Puppy as a result of the decision to separate out my personal posts from my employee posts, but decided to just move everything here in an attempt to simplify my life. It will be interesting to see if the simplification actually works.

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4 thoughts on “About Pet Care Bev

  1. Yvonne DiVita

    Bev, you rock! I LOVE this petblog. Your voice is so friendly and approachable. Baily is adorable, but of course!

    You are in my thoughts. Hugs for a busy Monday!

    Up with petbloggers!

  2. shannon milleR - the daily dog blog

    Hi Bev! Nice meeting you and BAiley, I would be honored if you would post the video of my 3 week old AlaskAn Husky pups chowing on EukanubA canned puppy food! The music is by. Laurie Berkner (“Victor Vito”) And if you could give a shout out to the DAily Dog, I’d appreciate it.

    Love your Blog!!

  3. Susan Teixeira

    Wow, touching stories. Yes, anyone who has lost a pet shares the tears that sneak upon us at the strangest times.
    Do not know how I missed your clever fundraising blog previously?
    Thank you for taking the time to care and help support dogs in need, while remembering those that have past and the ones’ we are loving on today.
    Best wishes,


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