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Most people don’t realize how difficult it is to create and write a crowd-pleasing, money-making blog. To quote a valued friend “Blogging has one of the lowest barriers of entry. All you need is a laptop and an idea. Any idiot can do it. But you’ve got to know what you’re doing and have all kinds of good luck to be successful.”

Since my early career was in theater, I like to compare blogging to the actress, fresh out of a university drama school, who heads to NYC filled with dreams of being the Toast of The Great White Way within a matter of weeks–all she needs to do is meet the right people and get the right roles. Reality is, she ends up waiting tables for the rest of her life.

For many years, my work was in Social Media for a big pet food company. In addition to all the bloggy activity, my Social Media work caused/allowed me to create all kinds of profiles on all kinds of social sites–For a while I was drowning in email accounts, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, blog sites, domain names, Pinterest pins, photos on Flickr and Instagram….imagine my head spinning a la Linda Blair in the Exorcist (a film that continues to give me nightmares a lifetime later).

This is my 4th blog. I started on Blogger (My Fire Hydrant), moved it to WordPress (PetCareBev), created My Flat Pet, and tried to migrate to Fluff Puppy. I no longer have illusions about my blog–I will never make a living blogging. And that knowledge is somehow freeing.

A few years back, I downsized from 4 blog sites to 1. But in the move I lost some of the photos used to illustrate my posts, and I’ve been too lazy/busy to fix the issues. You may even note that I’ve essentially stopped writing. But I’m not ready yet to take this hot mess down. So until I make a decision regarding what to do with this motley collection of life recollections, you’ll have to suffer with my lack of housekeeping. Maybe one day I’ll be inspired to start writing again. And maybe tomorrow pigs will fly out of my butt. Stranger things have happened.

Bev the Boomer

My name is Bev, and I am a Baby Boomer. Everything else is subject to change.

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