Chemo Cycle 1.1, Wednesday

So, I’ve been waiting for the side effects to kick in.

Yesterday afternoon (after the chemo) and last night felt like most of the other afternoons and nights I’ve had since the surgery. I took a little nap in my recliner, and then spent the evening sitting on the sofa reading or messing around on Facebook while I tried to find something interesting for my mom to watch on TV. No extra aches or pains, No upset tummy. A few twinges from where the vampire bit me on Monday (when the port was installed on my upper chest).

I got up this morning around 6, let Tyler out to pee, and spent a couple of hours on the recliner — not sleeping, sort of meditating. By 9 I was up and energized. I mean, seriously energized. We had a big thunderstorm move through (I wrote a haiku!), and Tyler stood on my lap (instead of sitting) for over an hour while I ordered stuff from Amazon and then yakked on the phone to one of my best buddies. Paid some bills. Balanced my checkbook.

Today has been one of those days where my body feels strong enough to conquer the world. I’ve had a few of these days, and I have to say they are a little disconcerting — I’m supposed to be sick, but I feel great mentally and physically.

I drove my mom to Krogers, and while she shopped I did a quick trip to the drive-through Starbucks. And then I did something that took courage (for me, anyway). I watch the young man at the window as he put the lid on my cup of coffee–his naked fingers all over the place where my mouth would sip the coffee. And as he handed me my coffee, I said to him, “My immune system is under attack right now, and I noticed that your fingers were very friendly with the top of the coffee lid. Could I please get a different lid and I’ll put it on myself?” He looked a bit confused, but gave me not one, but two lids. I used the one that was on the bottom hoping it had the least amount of exposure to his fingers.

Eating out is going to be a mental challenge for me.

Like I was saying, I felt energized today. So when we got back from Krogers, we house-cleaned. Opened windows to push out the old air. And I VACUUMED THE ENTIRE HOUSE. Great exercise that had me sweating. And I still felt great.

Next I sat down to work on this blog. And I experienced a side effect.

I’d probably been sitting for an hour. I got up abruptly because Tyler was in a playbow in the doorway to my office with something illegal in his mouth. When he saw that I noticed him, he took off on a run, so I had to go after him to get whatever it was he was messing with (a piece of broken china!!) By the time I walked from my chair to the door (8-feet), I experienced a wave of dizziness that had me clutching to door frame. It only lasted a few seconds, and has not returned, but it was a bit of a freak-out for me. Or maybe it was more of an “ah-ha moment” — yes, I’m going to experience some side effects.

I’ve heard the 3rd day after chemo is the one where the nasties kick in. We will see.