Surgery #Fail

From my private Facebook group, a post made by my Cousin Jen:

“Ok family and friends… We have hit a snag. From what I understand they found an issue with Bev’s heart this morning and she will not be having surgery today. I don’t know any details, but I know that she is just fine and are having a cardiologist consult. I will post more when I know more. Again, she is fine (-:┬ákeep sending love”

In the bathroomHere’s what happened this morning: the anesthesiologist and his team were setting me up for the surgery. Once I was under–before anything else got started–there was a change in my EKG. This brought the work of the day to an end. So now I’m sitting in the cardio ward where I will spend the night and have further testing tomorrow. I’m hooked up to a heart monitor and a saline drip, so it takes another person to untether me if I need to pee. I’m so grateful to my dearest Cousin Joe who had the brilliant fore thought to bring me my cellphone when he came to visit this afternoon.

Joe and Marilyn came by at lunch time.

Joe and Marilyn came by at lunch time.

The room I’m in is nicer than some hotels I’ve stayed in.

Cardiac Hospital RoomGuess this morning was the dress rehearsal for the surgery! And a bad dress rehearsal means a fabulous opening night!

Olive and Oscar -- from my friend Pam.

Olive and Oscar — from my friend Pam.