ARTICLE: New Compete study: Primary mobile users on Twitter

Twitter Advertising Blog
February 11, 2013
By Taylor Schreiner, @tas2, Co-Head Ad Research

Of 200 million active users:

  • 60% are mobile users logging on at least 1x/month

Compared to average users, mobile users are:

  • 57% less likely to access Twitter on a desktop
  • 86% more likely to be on Twitter
  • 157% more likely to tweet when they wake up
  • 129% more likely to tweet when they go to bed
  • 3x more likely to tweet during their commute
  • 160% more likely to continue tweeting during work or school
  • 169% more likely to tweet while shopping
  • 301% more likely to tweet before/after attending a moving
  • 57% more likely to compose original Tweets
  • 63% more likely to click on links
  • 78% more likely to retweet
  • 85% more likely to favorite a tweet
  • 96% more likely to follow 11+ brands (average user follows 5+ brands)
  • 58% more likely to recall a Twitter ad


  • 52% are 18 to 34 years old
  • 15% of mobile users access Twitter mostly on a tablet
  • 66% use while watching TV (jump in TV commercial comments)


  • Twitter ad campaigns should be optimized for mobile
  • Twitter campaigns could be tied to what’s on TV at that moment