ARTICLE: If you think Oreo won the advertising Super Bowl with a tweet, look at the social media scoreboard

Business Review Weekly (BRW)
February 13, 2013
By Mark Ritson, columnist

Was Oreo’s tweet during the power-outage really a slam-dunk success? According to this article, the tweet reached less than 1% of it’s target market.
“My problem is not with Oreo, it’s with the lazy journalists and social media pundits who have hoodwinked a generation of marketers into believing that social media is far more potent than it really is. Where do we ever read anything negative about social media campaigns? Did it occur to any of the pundits who wrote about Oreo last week to point out that only one in 10 Americans is actually on Twitter? Since when has a medium restricted to 10 per cent of the population ever been the dominant approach?”

I love this part:
“Treat Twitter, Facebook and all the other social media tools like any other communication option. Ask tough questions. Compare and combine different tools. Remain cynical. Most important: look behind all the hype about social media for the numbers that tell the real story.”

In otherwords, does it really sell dog food?