Top 5 Places to Find an Adoptable Pet


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You’re ready to adopt, so where do you go? Here are my top 5 places where you’ll find an adoptable pet!

Your Local Shelter

OK, I think this one is pretty obvious. Most towns have a

  • Shelter
  • Humane Society
  • Animal Center
  • Friends of Animals
  • City Pound
  • Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Wonderful new furry friends can be found at your local animal facility. There’s also:

Breed Rescue

Is there a specific breed of pet that will best fit into your life? One place to check is  the Breed Rescues page on the AKC website. Another way to connect with a rescue group that specializes in a specific breed is to open your search engine of choice and search  for your favorite breed’s rescue group. Here are some examples:

You may notice that there is one rescue group that shows up in just about every search for breed rescue. That group is:


11-26-12PetfinderBetsy Saul, the founder of Petfinder, is one of my heroes. How amazing and simple is this idea: provide a platform for animal adoption groups to showcase their adoptable pets for the entire world to see! Yes, you still have to figure out how to get your Fido from San Francisco (where he’s being fostered) to Santa Fe (where you live), but you would not have known about how wonderful he was without Petfinder.


The Veterinarian

Good veterinarians often have the inside track on pets who are looking for a new home–whether it’s a caring owner who must give up a pet, or a stray who’s brought in due to care needed. If this is not your first pet, you may already know a veterinarian who can alert you to opportunities that come through the clinic door.

Facebook & Social Sites


Click to read how Chucky found his new home.

Wherever you like to hang out online, use your “Status” and put your pet adoption quest into your friends’ newsfeeds. Keep them updated on your adoption search–letting them know “I’m looking for a cat to adopt” might help them to remember that their neighbors are moving to Canada and can’t take their cat with them–they’re looking for a loving home for a sweet kitty. Search for pet groups on your social site-of-choice. For instance, try a Facebook search on adoptable pets. Looking for a specific dog or cat breed? Plug the breed name into the Facebook search bar and join any groups or pages that pop up–let the community know you’re ready to adopt.

Not Looking?

You may not be in adoption mode right now. You love animals, and you know there’s a furry buddy in your future. But maybe your work life takes up too much time, or you simply can’t afford the extra costs of having a pet at this time. Why wait to build your arsenal of pet locators? You can get your furry fix by joining online social groups dedicated to the animals you love or by helping your local shelter through volunteering or donations. And with this active participation, you just might find the fur baby that steals your heart and makes you want to come home at night–instead of working those extra hours at the office. There is nothing more wonderful than the unconditional love of a wagging tail or a welcoming purr greeting you at the door of your house that’s now a home!


PET ADOPTION FACTOID: Twenty-five percent of dogs who enter local shelters are purebred.



2 thoughts on “Top 5 Places to Find an Adoptable Pet

  1. Diane Johnson

    Because I don’t have a fenced in yard I was refused adoption by the local HS and several “rescues” so I went to my local animal control shelter where I adopted a wonderful 5yo beagle.
    We walk 4-5 times a day, he runs loose in my daughter’s yard, and we go to the local park and trail for extra walks. He goes to an AAHA certified vet, is kept up to date on all shots and Heartworm meds and monthly flea prevention. He was untrained when I got him and after a month our apartment manager was raving about how well behaved he was(and he wasn’t that easy to train but treats won). He wants a coat on in cold weather and is devoted to me.
    Many shelters have changed from the take your chances type to offering temperment tested animals and are well worth going to. I highly recommend mine to everyone who asks where I got Legs something I won’t do for a rescue anymore although I do understand they are useful and cautious about who they adopt out to (sometimes overly cautious).

  2. Bev

    Diane, thank you for visiting and for making a comment. I’m so glad that you and Legs found each other! What a happy ending to your story!

    I agree that there are some organizations out there that are over-zealous with their adoption requirements. Unfortunately, the ones who suffer are the orphaned pets. Just as the public needs to be educated about spay/neuter and the joy of adopting, we also need to educate some of our animal advocates. This is “the business of saving lives,” and determining the appropriateness of a prospective pet parent should not depend on an arbitrary check list.

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