Top 5 Pet Fostering Tips


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Because this year marks Pet ‘Net’s 5th anniversary, my supporting posts are all in 5’s!

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Read. Learn. Enjoy. (And maybe, Adopt!)


This post is about my top 5 pet fostering tips. I hope it makes you laugh a little. And please consider this:  “failing Foster 101” is actually an oxymoron.

Don’t fall in love


Adopt a Small Paws Fluff!

Gabriel Small Paws


“…He does the Ritual of The Spinning and Twirling Poopies….circling and turning clockwise and counterclockwise like a demented canine whirling dervish until he gets to just the right amount of spins, then he squats…” (Read the rest of the story)





Don’t fall in love


Small Paws fluff for adoption!

Wolfie Small Paws, a mill rescue

“…I have taken care of puppy mill dogs before and was fully expected a fearful and traumatized boy. I had prepped everyone at home to be very patient with him and had taken a week off of work so I could help him adjust to his new home. I made sure to follow all the rules and not take him out of his crate until we got home. In the car he was smiling with his little tongue hanging out showing us the only tooth he had left in his mouth! He would occasionally scratch at his crate door but was a very good boy. When we got home I carefully opened the crate door and out popped this friendly, out going, happy little dog. He was 10 pounds of charisma! We fell in love with him!…” (read the rest of the story)

Don’t fall in love


Cookie and Keeper Small Paws

Cookie and Keeper Small Paws



“…Obviously we didn’t have much information about them. But Keeper (a male) was 1 year old and Cookie (a female) was 6 months. Supposedly they had the same mother. That’s all we knew. They were matted and had fleas, but were adorable anyway. We’d never had two dogs at once, and not a male in a long time. Fostering lasted about 10 minutes and we adopted them…” (read the rest of the story)



Don’t fall in love

Lupin Small Paws

Lupin Small Paws



“…I saw him from across the foyer, and it was as if he knew already that I had come for him and was his Mommy because he went crazy with his sweet Bichon wave. I must admit, he got a “Happy Meal” on the drive home. We took him immediately to the vet…” (read the rest of the story)



Fall in love

OK, so you’ve ignored my first 4 points, fell in love with that dog you’ve been fostering and who you’ve just adopted. Some people might call this “Failing Fostering 101,” but I would disagree. This is actually a high pass of Fostering 101 and graduation with a degree in “Adoption Conversion.” Congratulations!

More Information

If you would like more information on fostering an orphaned pet, check out the following articles:



PET ADOPTION FACTOID: Five out of ten dogs in shelters and seven out of ten cats in shelters are euthanized simply because there is no one to adopt them.