EzyDog? Definitely Easy!

DISCLOSURE: EzyDog sent me their harnesses to try–free of charge. And I get to keep them. This review represents my honest and personal experience and opinion. This review in no way represents the opinions or views of my employer, P&G Pet Care.


Tyler models the EzyDog Quick Fit Harness

Tyler models the EzyDog Quick Fit Harness

I don’t do many product reviews. But I was thrilled when my friend Pam (from Pet Blogs United and The Daily Oskar) asked me to take a look at a couple of EzyDog harnesses, because I had already heard about their standards of quality!


Tyler models the EzyDog Chest Plate Harness

Tyler models the EzyDog Chest Plate Harness

EzyDog started production in a garage in Australia. Luke Hatcher, who worked in the water sports industry, enjoyed sharing his passion for “surf, sand, and adventure” with his Border Collie, Roger. Not satisfied with the available leashes, he used his knowledge of materials and manufacturing to create the “Original Shock Absorbing Dog Leash.” This unique leash features a bungie-cord-type shock absorber within the leash. Very quickly, demand for this leash was overwhelming and Mr. Hatcher turned his garage experiment into a successful business. EzyDog products continue to be handmade and are now sold in 18 countries worldwide.


Tyler models the EzyDog Chest Plate Harness

Tyler models the EzyDog Chest Plate Harness

We tried the Chest Plate Harness first. This is a basic harness in a criss-cross configuration with a pad that snugs up against the chest. Very simple to put on and adjust–a release buckle on each strap with length adjustment that starts at the buckle. There is a stainless-steal D-ring at the center back for attaching a leash. And the cute EzyDog logo (a doggy face) located at the D-ring helped me to know that I had the harness on correctly.

Note the EzyDog logo--a stylized dog face--in the center of the crossed straps

Note the EzyDog logo–a stylized dog face–in the center of the crossed straps

Once the straps were adjusted for Tyler, this harness was a breeze to put on and take off. It fit snug to his body without being constricting. I LOVED the reflective stitching running down either side of the straps. And he looked quite charming in basic black (this harness comes in several colors including camo and pink camo!)

Tyler, secured in the car with his EzyDog Chest Plate Harness

Tyler, secured in the car with his EzyDog Chest Plate Harness

This harness can be paired up with the EzyDog Seat Belt Restraint. This is a heavy looped strap which the seat belt passes through with a clip that snaps onto the harness’s D-ring.

Though I can see the quality, the Seat Belt Restraint was not successful for Tyler.  The strap of the Seat Belt Restraint was too short for Tyler. I think this would have worked very well for a bigger dog who would have the body weight to support moving the loop of the Seat Belt Restraint around when attached to the seat belt. I think we would have done better with the EzyDog Adjustable Car Restraint, which is similar to the very short leash I use as Tyler’s seat belt.

The short leash (an old leashed that I’ve shortened to approximately 2-feet with a loop for the car’s seat belt on one end and a clip for the harness on the other) worked very well with the EzyDog Chest Plate Harness and this harness has now become our first choice when Tyler goes for a ride in the car.


The Quick Fit Harness is very well named–it’s quick to fit and really fast to put on. There are two points of adjustment. The torso strap adjusts at the buckle in the same way as the straps adjust on most harnesses. The neck strap is a very clever combination of Velcro under a sleeve padding. It’s hard to describe, so here is a video that explains it:

Strutting on down the street in the classy EzyDog Quick Fit Harness

Strutting on down the street in the classy EzyDog Quick Fit Harness

The Quick Fit Harness is AMAZING! Incredibly easy to put on–over the head, snap the strap and you’re done! It comes in a variety of colors–including Tyler’s favorite elegant black. And (like the Chest Plate Harness) it has reflective stitching that adds to its classy look. In very little time, I had the harness adjusted to Tyler and we were walking down the street. We LOVE this harness for walking!


  • Both of these harnesses are very well made.
  • The price for each harness is comparable to other harness brands; however, I am very impressed with the quality of the EzyDog harnesses. They are so nicely made!
  • After being adjusted, both harnesses fit Tyler perfectly and I felt no anxiety that he might accidentally slip out of either one.
  • This is the first time I can remember putting a harness on Tyler without him scratching at it with annoyance.
  • We love both of these harnesses, and when we wear them out we’ll be buying replacements from EzyDog!


EzyDog. Now go and play!


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  1. Oskar & Pam

    We were hoping you would like them as much as we did. I don’t wear anything besides my EzyDog Chestplate harness.

    Nubbin wiggles,
    Oskar & Pam too

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