Tyler Gets His 15 Minutes

While I wrap up the final numbers for how much money was raised for the March Online Bichon Bash, I had to share this little bit of fame with you: Tyler appears in this week’s Bloomsberg BusinessWeek Magazine.

I don’t really mind that they give P&G all the credit for coming up with My Fire Hydrant (my blog) and Tyler–that’s just reporters editing the facts to suit their needs, and I had my 15 minutes a few years ago with The Wall Street Journal. But I wish they would have added in the URL.

Of course, Tyler is the cutest thing that the business world could ever hope to seen, and he’s in a typical Tyler pose!

4-3-12 tyler


Is he cute or what??!


2 thoughts on “Tyler Gets His 15 Minutes

  1. Lana Ohara

    Thanks for sharing Cherie’s passing in your March 28th blog–I have been in Small Paws about 6 years now, and love the breed, and all the work they do. I donate when I can, & am thinking of being a foster mom so Maxx (Cherie’s other half of a bonded pair I adopted)
    can have a companion–he misses her so much….

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