You’ll be Sweet on Candy Cane!

Seriously, how can you resist this sweet treat?

Candy Cane Small Paws

Candy Cane Small Paws

This Bichon was rescued from a commercial puppy mill and can only be placed in a home with a socialized dog already living there. The children in the home must be over the age of 10. Candy Cane has spent her whole life in a small cage in a commercial kennel. Candy was born in 2003. She is so sweet all you want to do is hold her and cuddle with her. Her favorite times are cuddle time and meal time. It took only 2 weeks to get her on a potty schedule and she is now housebroken. They love her at the beauty salon / groomer’s where she goes once a month for her beauty treatment. I bathe and comb her in between and she just lays there like a lump of sugar and so easy to care for. Candy shows no interest in playing, but enjoys sniffing around the fenced yard.


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