You Can’t Resist Skipper!

Skipper is a young Fluff, ready to jump into a new home!

Skipper Small Paws

Skipper Small Paws

Hi, my name is Skipper, and I’ll tell you why! I am very energetic and I like to jump, turn around in circles, and jump some more. In fact, my foster uncle said I’m a champion high jumper. I even jumped on my foster dads shoulders the other day when he sat on the porch step to read the mail! You can see why I will need a tall doggie gate or pen. Probably one reason I’m so active is because I’m still really a puppy. I’m possibly a Bichon Havanese, because I have very soft fine hair.. I get along with other dogs, but I like to be in charge when we play. I don’t really like being put in a pen or crate, because I prefer being with my people, and I let them know by barking when they have to put me up. Oh, and like most puppies, I play nip when I get excited, and tend to be a bit hyper, so I’ll need my forever family to help me with that. If I’m with children, they will need to be at least 10-years-old. I know what a doggie door is, and I like to use one to a fenced yard. Potty training? Well, I’m working on that. I will walk on a leash, but I need more training in walking without pulling. Did I mention I’m very, very cute?! You probably can’t resist me!



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