3-4-1 1Margaret’s story of her Small Paws Fluff, Lily, is short, but it shows some reasons why someone might want to consider adopting from Small Paws:

  • Bichons don’t seem to cause problems for people with dog allergies.
  • Small Paws makes sure that the adopting family and the Fluff are a good fit.
  • Small Paws makes sure that the family knows about any problems the Fluff might have.
Lily, her first week in her new home.

Lily, her first week in her new home.

After a rough start with another breed (we were all allergic) a friend suggested the Bichon. We never adopted a dog before so after doing some research, I fumbled on the Small Paws organization website. We tried dog after dog but each time we were a little late and they were already spoken for or adopted.

Lily had been in foster care for four months but wasn’t getting much of a look because she was suspected of having some serious health problems. Small Paws put me in touch with the foster family and we talked many times about Lily, her personality, her likes, her dislikes, her stubbornness and her health. We decided she was the one for us.

Lily has reason to smile!

Lily has reason to smile!

After having a fabulous foster family prepping and working with her for adoption she came to us two years ago this month. I will never forget what the vet said when I took her for her first appointment. She said “Wow, she is such a find.” Lily has come out of her shell and entertains us, loves us, tolerates us 🙂 and even protects us. We can’t imagine our lives without her. She WAS a great find!

Thanks, Margaret, for telling us about Lily.



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