Cookie and Keeper Find a Home!

Here is another story of how two wonderful people, Paul & Carole, went from Foster 101 to Adoption Conversion!

During our 49 years of marriage, we always adopted female dogs from the pound. They were always medium size dogs with short brown hair. Pretty much interchangeable. Though we loved them all. In 2003 our last dog, Peaches, passed away. We were on a trip to visit friends in South Carolina and it was a cold, icy weekend. We were concerned about traveling up to North Carolina but everything went OK.

Keeper and Cookie

Keeper and Cookie

When I got home, I checked our emails and had one from Small Paws saying there were two little white fluffy dogs that had been turned in and was anyone interested in fostering them. I immediately replied that we would take them. They were in Columbia, South Carolina and we made arrangements with a volunteer to drive them to Gastonia, North Carolina and we would meet her there and pick them up. We did on December 7, 2003. Obviously we didn’t have much information about them. But Keeper (a male) was 1 year old and Cookie (a female) was 6 months. Supposedly they had the same mother. That’s all we knew. They were matted and had fleas, but were adorable anyway. We’d never had two dogs at once, and not a male in a long time. Fostering lasted about 10 minutes and we adopted them. They have been a pleasure. I since learned that they were kept on a back porch and had never been on grass or in a house. They are so sweet and appreciative, and spoiled. We would like to thank Small Paws for 9 wonderful years with our fluffs. Keeper looks like a Terrier and Cookie looks like a Maltese. Thanks to everyone involved with Small Paws, it is a wonderful organization.




Small Paws saves dogs! You can help–donate some bucks, save some Fluffs!