Buster, Who Marked Everywhere

The first time I read this story–frankly, every time I read this story–it brings tears to my eyes because it reminds of how much my dogs mean and have meant to me. If you love a dog (or any pet), read this because it will confirm your own feelings for your furbaby.

Buster was a lucky Fluff to have found Trish, who became his furever mom!

Buster Small Paws and his mom, Trish

Buster Small Paws and his mom, Trish

Once Upon a Time , a Long Long Time Ago , My Husband and I accidentally wondered onto a web site called “Pet Finders.”  I had seen these Fluffy Dogs on TV and so I decided to put Bichon Frise  in the space that asked for the Breed Name. There it was “Small Paws! ” I told my husband, hurry,  come and see all of these cute fluffy white dogs!!!

So we contacted Lynda D.H. from Small Paws and she said, “I have this little boy name ‘Buster’  but he comes with issues and  has been brought back to us after being Adopted because the New Adoptive Parents could not live with the Marking all over there house and then he was adopted again and this family’s Teenagers were very very mean to Buster.”

We knew in that moment , that this little guy needed us and we could give him all the love he deserved , so we adopted him , not caring how old he was or what he looked like. Lynda made all the arrangements and we picked him up at the Sacramento International Airport in California. It was Love at First Sight. He was so Beautiful and he came out of that crate and he leaped into my arms and we loved him forever until he crossed over that Rainbow Bridge 6 months ago. You see, “Buster did Mark Everywhere” but we had more love for him then we did about the corner of a bedspread being pee ‘ed on. Buster wore a Belly Band most of the time and he had a Fluffy White Coat that was soft as Cotton. We had him groomed every week of his life until he died.

Buster died at the age of 18, he was almost 5 years old when God loaned him to us for his Earthly life. We had Our Buster for almost 13 years. He became sick about a year and a half ago.  He had a very large Tumor on his side, it was not cancerous but after that Surgery it seemed as if he just didn’t feel very well anymore. He and I were inseparable. Buster and I slept together we ate together and we went on the same day to have our hair done together. When my mom died he would come and lay against me while I would cry and when I was finished crying he would get down off the bed and look at me with that look that only Buster had as if to say, ” It’s ok now Mom.”

Trish and Buster

Trish and Buster

And it was, because Buster Loved me so much that he helped me to begin to Heal after mom’s death. Buster left a hole in my heart the day he left us, you see Buster and I agreed that when his time came we would both know it and when it did I promised him I would let him go. The night we both knew it was time , he came to  me and we both agreed we would sleep on the sofa together for one last time. The next morning on Sunday and on Father’s Day we took the last ride we would ever take together again. I had made Funeral Arrangements for him prior to his death because I wanted everything perfect for him. Our Vet has a beautiful room with a Fire Place a soft Brown Love seat with a small brown Velvet bed with a beautiful velvet cover. I loved him good bye, put my face down on his back in all that beautiful white fluff and the doctor sent him on his way to God so he could cross over the rainbow bridge. The Pet Mortuary was called just before the Doctor came into the room ( just like I had made arrangements previously with the Mortuary) once Buster was gone I held him for a long time then the beautiful white french doors opened and in walked Rick from the Mortuary just like I had asked. It was important to me that Buster not be left at the Vet (even though it is beautiful at our Vet’s ) and that he be treated like the Son he was to me. Buster was wrapped in  Beautiful White Velvet Blanket with “Love ” written on it and was taken away from us, we watched as the Van pulled away and my heart went with it. His ashes now rest in a beautiful white picket fence with living plants of flowers around him because Buster lives on in my heart Forever and his ashes right by door so every time I leave my house he’s there to watch me, knowing some day I will be with him again.

I needed to write this so my Buster knows I never forgot him …. I Love You Buster .

Thanks to Trish for sharing Buster’s story.



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  1. Rachel

    Rest in Peace sweet Buster. It took some time but you finally found your place on this earth and were loved very much. You are now Trish’s angel.

  2. Trish Schauer

    Thanks so much Rachel for appreciating Buster , We ( Buster and Me ) feel so blessed that you saw Buster as the Beautiful Boy he was. Thanks again

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