An Update on Max and Frankie-the-used-to-be-Puppy-Mill-Dog

Last March, I posted a story about Max and Frankie–Frankie was a puppy mill dog. Small Paws always places puppy mill dogs in homes where there’s already a socialized dog in residence to help the puppy mill dog adjust to life as a pet. Here’s an update, from pet parents Carol Ann and Jim on these two Fluffs and their family.

Glad to share good news!!!! As I read about child adoptions from other countries, I see the exact same timeframe and issues regarding trust. We have had Frankie three years, and what a change. Of course, very slow changes! He now allows Jim to pick him up, he will crawl onto Jim’s lap, and he even gives Jim kisses.

Still does not like several strangers approaching him at the same time. He will walk up to one person at a time and allow them to put their hand out for him to sniff. It has to be his way – he still will not allow anyone (except me) to put their hand on his head. He must be approached from under his chin. He is the happiest little boy that I have ever seen – nothing takes away his happiness. Whatever we do, he enjoys it!!! I pray that all puppy mill fluffs are as happy in their new home as he is in his.

Now to Max. Max is my little old man!! He would much rather have the attention of people instead of fluffs!! He plays with Frankie when it suits him, and he does not like for Frankie to get close to me or Jim. He is so jealous! He is definitely the alpha boy, but Frankie could care less – anything suits Frankie.

We are now in Florida in our RV, and we take our two boys to ride in a carriage behind our bikes (made for children, but wonderful for Frankie and Max). They wear harnesses and are safely secured, but have all the fresh air around them. We took the top off so that they could see all the deer and squirrels!!! They both still travel very well, and enjoy sitting outside in their own chairs. Everyone tells us that they are so well behaved!!! We continue to tell everyone about Small Paws, and we give away their cards, hoping that another fluff will be able to find a furever home.

While we are in the campground, Frankie looks for other fluffs to play with, but Max could care less – he sniffs their nose and then takes off!!! He likes to do his business, then sit on Jim’s lap! Frankie could play all day with other fluffs!

We love our boys and receive so much pleasure from them – hope that many more fluffs will be able to find the best homes ever!!


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