An Update on Baby, Who Left a Terrible Life

I featured Baby last year during the Online Bichon Bash. Here’s an update from her mom, Barbara, on a little Fluff who started her life in the cage of a backyard breeder.

Baby is doing great. In this photo, she is sitting in her favorite chair in her favorite position–next to Mommy watching TV. She loves to play with her two brothers.



She also really enjoys going for rides in our motorhome–if I’m cleaning it or loading it she will jump on board and I can’t get her out! She has very few residual effects from her puppy mill life. She no longer hoards food and she has actually allowed the man next door to pet her. Every day she becomes more confident and more playful. She is an angel and it gives me great joy every day to know that I have made her life better. She has certainly made my life better!



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