A Small Paws Team Leader’s Love Letter to Her Team

Small Paws Rescue operates through a vast network of volunteers–there is no brick and mortar building housing all the Fluffs. Instead, dogs are fostered in homes spread across the continent. Each region has a team leader who oversees and organizes the fosters in that area. One of these Team Leaders is Kathryn, and this is her Small Paws story.

I am a ‘Team Leader’ for Small Paws Rescue, the largest (and the best – but I’m prejudiced!) Bichon Frise dog rescue group in the world – yes, the WORLD – not just the USA — we have members in many foreign countries too.

North and South Carolina are ‘my’ States – and between the two we have almost 60 Volunteer / Foster families on ‘our’ Team — and I can count on the fingers of ONE hand the number of them that I have actually met up close and in person – and yet I feel that I know almost every one as well as I know my back door neighbor.

Each of our members is part of our ‘family’ – I may know if they are building a new home; caring for ill parents, or other family member; relocating due to employment opportunities; literally ‘working’ their way through graduate school; if they themselves are in poor health and having to relocate their fosters; or even, due to personal reasons not be able to foster for a while; my heart goes out to each of them.

And, I hope they know that I am ‘there’ for them – that I will help in any way I can – that Small Paws Rescue is not just about the dogs – it is also about the people that love them – and the love that is returned 100 fold. It is about sharing and commitment; it is about a common goal, it is about FAMILY.

I have met many of the other state’s Team Leaders at the OKIE BASH (a gathering of Small Paws members) and they seem to share my philosophy – that it is family, that it is about the love, that makes Small Paws Rescue what it is — Special PEOPLE Rescue – we just ‘use’ the dogs to achieve an unseen goal — Helping people help people help dogs.

You are ALL Very SPECIAL PEOPLE! and I’m so proud to be your Team Leader! Thank you for being an Small Pawswer!
You are loved and appreciated more than you know!



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