4th Annual Online Bichon Bash Fundraiser for Small Paws Rescue!

Small Paws Saved My Life

Small Paws Saved My Life

By the end of March, I’ll owe Small Paws Rescue over $300. Here’s why:

Small Paws Rescue brought Tyler and me together. But even before Tyler, Small Paws has been important to me.


Small Paws is a courageous group of 800 volunteers and 6,000 supporting global members. Over the past 12 years they’ve helped over 8,000 Bichons, Bichon Blends, and dogs who have had a passing affiliation with a Bichon to find forever homes. Volunteers foster dogs in their homes across the United States. Small Paws Rescue embraces the philosophy of “no-kill”–nearly all their donations go to pay vet bills. And the little fluffy dogs that Small Paws rescues usually come from horrible situations. So there’s always vet bills.

I’ve asked the mighty warriors of Small Paws to send me their stories and photos so that I can share them with you during the month of March. And I’ve pledged to give Small Paws $5 for every story and photo I publish.¬† I anticipate that I’ll be eating mac and cheese for April and May, so that I can meet my pledge to Small Paws–I won’t mind!

2012-bichon-bash-BOILERAnd every day this month I will be featuring an adoptable Fluff from Small Paws. Small Paws dogs are fostered all over the U.S.A., so if you’re looking to add to your family there’s probably an available Small Paws dog located close to you and waiting for a furever home. And there’s no sweeter companion than a fluffy Bichon!

Which brings me to a request: If the stories and articles I post this month touch your heart or strike a chord with you, please click on the “Sittin’ Pretty” photo of Tyler over there on the right side of the page. It will take you to our First Giving donation page–it’s easy (and secure) to do, and you’ll not only get the satisfaction of helping a worthy group, you’ll also get a receipt you can use on your taxes. No donation is too small. And every donation is sincerely appreciated.


Thanks for your visit,
PetCareBev and Tyler Small Paws