Next Week is Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week

How can a pet be less adoptable? They’re old; the wrong breed; have special needs; they’re not as pretty; or they’re simply different or the wrong color.

Next week, the good folks at Petfinder are devoting the entire week to celebrate less adoptable pets, to bring attention to these sweet furbabies, and to encourage pet parents to think about adopting a special needs furkid. And to do my part to encourage adoption, I’m going to feature a “special needs” Fluff from Small Paws Rescue–and you will see just how adoptable a “less adoptable pet” can be!

But what if you can’t adopt? You can still help! If you’re a blogger or a tweeter, make a post about adopting. If you’re on Facebook, “like” Petfinder and tell your friends about Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week. You can go to a shelter or animal center and volunteer or donate money or goods. Or give your neighbor a phone call–anything to spread the word!

What will you do to celebrate less adoptable pets?