Wolfie, Before and After

Andrea is a Small Paws volunteer in the Pacific Northwest who failed “fostering 101.”  And that was a lucky break for Wolfie. (FYI: SPR=Small Paws Rescue.)

Wolfie, before finding his furever home...

Wolfie, before finding his furever home...

“I started fostering for SPR about 2 years after adopting my sweet Willy (aka SPR Corey). My first foster fluff was SPR Adam now renamed Wolfie. He was a commercial puppy mill dog from a mill in Ardmore, Oklahoma.  He was said to be approximately 8 years old.When my husband saw his pathetic little picture with his tongue hanging out he said “We are never going to find anybody to adopt him!” Wolfie was flown up from Oklahoma to Sea Tac airport. I have taken care of puppy mill dogs before and was fully expected a fearful and traumatized boy. I had prepped everyone at home to be very patient with him and had taken a week off of work so I could help him adjust to his new home. I made sure to follow all the rules and not take him out of his crate until we got home. In the car he was smiling with his little tongue hanging out showing us the only tooth he had left in his mouth! He would occasionally scratch at his crate door but was a very good boy. When we got home I carefully opened the crate door and out popped this friendly, out going, happy little dog. He was 10 pounds of charisma! We fell in love with him! He was a challenge to potty train but after we installed a doggy door he finally got it.  He gets a special diet because of his lack of teeth and other then that he has been very easy to take care of. He is quite a snuggle bug and loves to have his chest scratched.

...Wolfie, adopted!

...Wolfie, adopted!

We adopted him because he fit in so well with our family. He is a little ambassador for puppy mill rescues. Everyone that meets him falls in love with him. I think he would have been very easy to place, but I just couldn’t imagine him anywhere else! He sleeps on the pillow next to mine with his cute little tongue hanging out! He is a wild man and is absolutely fearless. Nothing daunts his enthusiasm, not the vet, not the groomer, and certainly not heights. We have to be very careful because he thinks he is 10 ft tall. The vet thinks he may younger then what we previously thought, but due to his poor care during his puppy mill years he is probably as healthy as an 8 year old but is probably closer to 5.

I think just the look in his eyes tells the whole story!



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A message from Bev: Wolfie was lucky to find Andrea and her family. There are other fluffs out there looking for homes. Can you help Small Paws help them? Please, won’t you make a contribution to support Small Paws?

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