“I flunked Fostering 101 twice.”

Bonnie shares her life with two Small Paws dogs. She writes:

Rosie Small Paws

Rosie Small Paws

“Rosie was bred twice before rescue. She came to me 6 years ago from upstate NY. She is now 13, and her photo was taken last Tuesday. Isn’t she pretty? Gabriel was formerly known as ‘Max from Brooklyn’. He is the Gabriel who stole the show first time SPR was on Fox and we haven’t been asked back since…lol…wonder why 🙂

Gabriel Small Paws

Gabriel Small Paws

He is a real character. He does the Ritual of The Spinning and Twirling Poopies….circling and turning clockwise and counterclockwise like a demented canine whirling dervish until he gets to just the right amount of spins, then he squats, and turns to his behind for a sniff….just to make sure everything is coming out alright. I was so amused I had to adopt him.”



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