Tyler and the Chicken Suit

Halloween is coming, and my buddy Jaime over at ThoughtsFurPaws told me she’s thinking about having a Halloween costume contest. So I foolishly thought I’d get a costume for Tyler, get him dressed up, and take some quick photos. Silly me! Ever the optimist!

The Chicken Head for Tyler's Head

Putting the Chicken Head in the Right Position

Tyler is not Happy with a Chicken Head.

Shaking Off the Head.

Chicken Head Down.

"I's gonna fix dis so I neffur has ta wear it agin!"


Attempting Distruction!

"I don' care how much you paid fer dis stupid chicken!"



"Gonna make shur she NEFFER putz me in sumting dis stupid agin!"

"OK. all dun now. No more chicken."

7 thoughts on “Tyler and the Chicken Suit

  1. Bev

    Borke, I got him the chicken suit in your honor. Maybe YOU should be the one dressed in the chicken suit?

  2. Carolyn Robinson

    So funny! I don’t know why we think our pets will wear these costumes! I bought Bella a ladybug costume, and she things as much of it as Tyler does of his costume. I will have to try to get some photos of her in it. Marilyn and Joe are coming to puppysit for a week, so maybe Marilyn will take some photos. Actually they are coming to stay with our mother while we go away.

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