Going Boldly…

There’s been some interesting developments in my job lately.

If you’ve read my bio, you know that I work for P&G Pet Care–also known as The Iams Company–and we make Iams and Eukanuba dog and cat foods. I’ve been in the Consumer Relations department for over a dozen years. I love my job.
I think my job just got better.
I started this blog because I was tired of some people bashing my company. Then Bailey was diagnosed with cancer, and suddenly this little blog became my therapist.
Lately, things have been good for Bailey (though I need to write something about the flu she’s just getting over), and I’ve been writing more about work. I’ve also been reaching out to other bloggers and folks posting in forums–trying to be helpful, but also trying to correct misinformation regarding my company.
The powers-that-be have noticed, and they’ve decided to encourage me.
So my job has changed. Now part of my workday will include the Internet. To paraphrase Captain Kirk (and with apologies to any Trekkies who might be offended):
The web: A virtual frontier.
This is the blog of a Pet Care employee.
My mission?
To explore pet-oriented sites, forums, and blog postings–and comment as needed.
To seek out new ideas and consumer feedback.
To boldly go where few Pet Care employees have gone before. (cue the music…)
[edited to fix a spelling error]

2 thoughts on “Going Boldly…

  1. Debs

    Bev – so excited for you! Looking forward to seeing what you discover in this vast new universe known as the Internet…heh

  2. Salinger The Pug

    So nice to meet you! You’re my first Bichon friend!

    We LOVE Eukanuba! YUMMY!!!! Great job over there! 🙂

    Thanks for the Laughing Cow tip! Mom eats that stuff, so I’ll have to see if she’ll share with me next time!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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